At I Can Planner, we are dedicated to help women all over the world to be able to overcome whatever it is that holds them back from living their best life.  We hope that by using our products, it will give you the tools and strength to finally say "I Can <insert whatever the heck you want to do>!"

Our founder and CEO, Ash Prieto, knows what it feels like to hit rock bottom and have no other choice but to rise up.  In the hardest year of her life, she found herself unemployed, overweight, in massive debt and feeling as though there was no way out of the crap show. 

Ash decided that she would go hardcore on her dreams for a full 30 days.  She documented all of it, created worksheets to help keep her on track and realized that dreams can come true.  She created 2 businesses, lost over 30 pounds, wrote her first book Bitch, I Can and paid over $80k off in debt. 

She now strives to help women reach their goals no matter what obstacles might get in their way!  Her crazy sense of humor, no bullshit advice and keen eye for trends, has helped I Can Planner become what it is today.  

We create the funniest, bougiest, outrageous and inspiring covers for our 30 Day Planners and Notebooks to keep things fun, on trend and exciting to use.  Goals can often feel overwhelming and cumbersome but when you can keep things new and fun, it helps to lessen the boringness of the work it takes to reach your goals.

Stop spending your life struggling.  It starts with one decision, one change and one planner that can change everything in your life.  Do not wait to start living your best life and let us help you do just that!


For more information on Ash Prieto, check out her full website at https://www.ashprieto.com